Stock Analysis

A python application which analyzes historical amrket data to find and visuzalize trends. I used a radial basis function network to predict price movement and factored in sentiment analysis from StockTwits. I have also created an algorithm which is deployed on Quantopian that generates over 90% returns in 2017. This algoirthm trades VIX futures by predicting the market's volatility.

Built With: SciKit Learn, Numpy, MatPlotLib, Python.


ForgeFox is a tamper free file uploading system. Similar to a checksum but instead of just storing the hash value, the file's information is hashed and stored in a smart contract. ForgeFox signs the generated smart contracts with the user's address. People can easily drag and drop a file onto our website to validate the authenticity of the document and also receive the meta data such as file name, creator and description.

Built With: Solidity, Web3, Truffle, React, and Node.

React & Redux Starter Kit

A starter front-end template for React applications. It uses an immutable redux store and lays out an action dispatch example which users can modify. It also has set up example routes using react router. This template is mosty to tempalte out the set up I like for the react applications.

Built With: React, React Router, Redux, Immutable.js and JavaScript.